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We wanted to take a moment to share our goals and objectives with you. It’s important to know that our plan for Equity Cafe is fluid, and it has to be that way.

As of today, Equity Cafe is the only coffee shop in the world that gives you equity in the business every time you buy a cup of coffee. That's the vision, but how do we get there?  Well, before we even talk about v0.1 of the plan, let's do a brief recap of v0.0. See the image illustrated below.

Equity Cafe Drawing

This was created by Vernon | We called it the first draft of our white paper.


Our plan was to open a coffee shop and show you that the equity you collect is an investment. But we soon realized that it is actually an investment in your community, a tool that guarantees your voice is heard.

So, how do we get there?


Brand Building | Our focus is on educating ourselves on blockchain technology and coffee as a business , while sharing this information as a means to build  a following. To help generate revenue we plan to sell apparel through a drop-ship distributor like Teespring or Printful, as well as participating in affiliate programs for coffee-related accessories. But the public focus will be building out our apparel branding.


Brand Building | We will continue our blockchain R&D while focusing more intentionally on building the coffee side of our brand. Making our own recipes, finding local coffee that we can private label. Whilst looking into retail spaces and continuing all of the 2019 objectives.


Showing the Vision | Here we will be ready to launch a beta application to test out at venues like tech conventions, community festivals, local markets, and college campuses.  These objectives will make 2021 very busy for us. But the intention would be to secure a physical location by the end of the year.


Building the Vision | This is where we might lose some of you, but please ask questions. The hustle of building out our apparel brand and affiliate marketing will get us this far. To get to the next level we will host a very limited crowd sale. That capital will be split towards our two 2022 goals.

  1. Creating a physical location that will be nothing short of a must-visit spot in Grand Rapids for the people of Michigan and crypto lovers around the world.
  2. The release of our full DApp (decentralized application) will  allow all of our customers to instantly receive and transfer equity.

This is an optimistic plan, but it is certainly possible. It may take an additional year or so. But it will be worth it! We would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this!

Want to support the vision? Check out the shop. Order something nice for yourself and for a friend. 

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